Friday, November 25, 2011

Find the Barbie Dolls!

There is a campaign going on to find the Stardoll by Barbie dolls, heres where they are.

The first barbie doll will be by the states at the bottom of your "My Page"
It will look like this ^

The second doll: Search Something like "778hfgyuy44589" in the friends search box and go down and look to the left of the page and get this doll:

The third doll: Go to your messages and to the right you will see a doll that looks like this: 

The fourth doll: Go to "Dress Up Yourself" and go down and to the right will be this doll: 
When you have found all of the dolls you will get this dress:

By: Jucylucy23456 (c)

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